Watch what James May dislikes about Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S already owned by James May for over a year has 6 small things that bother him

Former Top Gear presenter James May a year ago owns a blue Tesla Model S and in a recent video shows us six points he dislike in the car. This tesla is the Model S 100D Long Range and also states that it is not an evangelist of Tesla and electric cars in general.

On the other hand, he says he likes Tesla, but in this car there are 6 things he doesn’t like about the Model S. In the video below from YouTube channel DRIVETRIBE, you can see what these small things are where that annoy him.

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Description from YouTube channel DRIVETRIBE

James May’s had his Tesla Model S for more than a year, so he’s had plenty of time to fall in love with it. But it’s not perfect – so join May in his bunker for a rundown of his dislikes in proper YouTuber style. He’ll probably be asking what colour to wrap it next…

James May Model S

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