Amazon boosts its electric fleet with 1,800 Mercedes VAN

Amazon is highly environmentally conscious and boosts its electric fleet with 1,800 Mercedes VAN. The market for electric commercial vehicles is not growing at the same rate as private vehicles, but Amazon’s move will certainly be followed by other companies with more intensity.

Amazon has already reaffirmed its commitment to electric mobility, with the large order of 100,000 vehicles in Rivian and 10,000 tricircles in India. But the company also moved on to a more moderate, but clearly short-term order to Mercedes-Benz.

Amazon has therefore submitted a request for an offer to purchase 1,800 electric vans in the German company, which is much larger than the corresponding order of ten eVito in January. The new order will start to be processed from 2020 and only in Europe. The mixture includes 600 eVito and 1,200 eSprinter. Here we should stress that this is the largest order of electric vehicles to date to the German manufacturer.

Amazon electric fleet Mercedes

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As far as the two vans are concerned, let’s remember that both are was thermal models that have also been transformed into electric models. The eVito has a range of 180 km, an electric motor with a power of 115 PS and a loading area of 6 m3. The larger eSprinter is available in two battery versions, with 41 kWh (120 km autonomy) and 55 kWh (168 km autonomy), and 11 m3 loading space. Their price in Germany (without subsidy and for kastenwagen professionals) starts at €44,990 for standard eVito and €46,470 for the long one, while the basic eSprinter starts at €53,900 and €61,273 for this with the large battery.

At the same time, Mercedes-Benz participates in the “The Climate Pledge” initiative launched by Amazon. Supports projects aimed at preceding up to ten years of the objective of ‘zero carbon emissions’ of the COP21 Paris Agreements.


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