Separating battery buy proposed by NIO for cheaper EV

Will cars be sold without a battery in the future so customers can choose what they want? The Chinese NIO has its own proposal and looks very interesting.

Electric cars without battery is the proposal of the Chinese company NIO, so that there is the possibility for EV models to become cheaper. Of course, because without a battery they could not move, the NIO suggests that the owner of a purely electric vehicle rent the battery by the month.

This means that it will be able to choose larger or smaller capacity, depending on its finances. In addition, it can at any time change to larger if for example it wants to make a trip. Moreover, in this way the owner of an electric model ceases to be concerned about battery wear and the possible fall in resale value.

battery NIO cheaper ev
Nio EP9 at Goodwood Festival

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Of course, in order to implement the above idea, the vehicle must be able to switch its battery. That is, it can be easily removed by the user in order to place another. It is a technology that the NIO has largely adopted, while many other automakers are flirting with it.

Initially, by choosing to buy an electric car without a battery, the price they are required to pay is reduced by $10,000. By paying for a 70 kWh battery, he is asked to give $141 per month. This means it will take almost six years to complete the $10,000 he earned at the time of purchase. However, in this way it will also have the advantages mentioned above.

Could this idea be a solution for faster and greater penetration of electric cars? It is very likely and interesting also how the NIO will be able to proceed with it.


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