Bugatti will unveil electric hypercar with Rimac technology ?

A report says Bugatti will unveil a pure electric hypercar in October that will bring Rimac technology. However, there is no official position on the information that Rimac Automobili wants to buy Bugatti from Volkswagen Group. A new report says that very soon the historic French brand will unveil its first purely electric hypercar.

According to exclusive information from The Supercar Blog, in October Bugatti will reveal a fully electric hypercar that will incorporate Rimac’s technologies in terms of electric motors and battery packs. As the report states, the hypercar will only be intended for use on the track and will be quite reminiscent of the “space” Vision Le Mans concept.

Bugatti pure electric hypercar

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This concept is the graduate thesis of designer Max Lask, who had done his practice in the summer of 2019 with the company officially supporting his degree. “Sources indicate that it may be manufactured in an extremely limited number or possibly in a single copy,” the article notes.

Bugatti pure electric hypercar


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