Fastest SUVs battle : Tesla Model Y vs Jeep Trackhawk

Both are one of the fastest SUVs right now, and we’re talking about Tesla Model Y Performance and the Jeep Trackhawk. We have a battle in Drag Race and 0-60 mph between a car with a thermal motor versus a car that is purely electric.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is a powerful SUV featuring a supercharged 6.2-litter V8 engine. The internal combustion engine delivers 707 HP with a huge torque of 645 lb-ft. Its total weight is 5,387 lbs and of course it has motion on all 4 wheels.

 fastest SUVs Tesla Model

On the other hand, the Tesla Model Y Performance is pure electric. It has two electric motors that perform close to 500 HP. Due to electrification, Tesla also has an impressive torque of almost 500 lb-ft. But the Model Y has a significant advantage and this is the lowest total weight at 4,419 lbs.

In the video below from YouTube channel Edmunds, you can watch the Drag Race between the Model Y and Trackhawk and the performance at 0-60 mph. Of course the Jeep is much stronger but the Model Y is lighter and has the advantage of direct torque in the accelerating due to electrification.

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