Hyundai electric RM20e prototype with 820 HP

Hyundai recently developed more and more sporty versions but the prototype RM20e is a racing powerful electric vehicle. The Korean automaker unveiled the Sonata N Line and the new i30 N in a short time, shortly after confirmation for Tucson N. Why the RM20e has 820 HP will see it with some simple mathematics.

Sonata N Line and Tucson N are at 290 horses. The i30 N, in the Performance version, at 280. Total: 860 horsepower. The RM20e prototype produces 820 HP, along with 960 Nm of torque where gives almost the same power as the three above. It have rear drive system and the RM20e is the electric version of the Koreans’ long-awaited sportscar center, which we have seen in concept format (such as rm19) several times.

Hyundai electric RM20e

The bodywork comes from the racing Veloster TCR, which distinguishes the huge aerodynamic aids (splitter front, spoiler, aprons, spreader) and inflated wings (all carbon fiber), which accommodate large wheels 19 inches front and 20 rear.

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Under the Hyundai electric RM20e impressive bodywork and also in the center of the construction, we find an electric motor of 820 hp and 960 Nm of torque. The 100 km/h stop comes at 2.8 km/h, 200 km/h at 9.88 km/h. and the final speed exceeds 250 km/h. Hyundai does not mention about range, but announces that the battery pack is 60 kWh and can charge to an 800V fast charger.

Hyundai Motor Group vice president Thomas Schemera said that “the RM20e underlines the electrical dynamics of the N models and signals a change in level, in performance that refers to supercar!”.


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