Is the electric car charging dangerous in the rain?

How safe is it when you charging an electric car in the rain? What if the car gets trapped in stagnant water? Can the electric car get into a car wash? All this is not funny, there are real questions where a lot of people are concerned, where plugging the car in to charge is not very common!

For example, is it dangerous to charge an electric car (BEV) or plug-in hybrid (PHEV) under rain?

No, it’s not. Obviously you can charge your electric car in the rain without the risk of electric shock or damage to the vehicle. Both the car and its charger have multiple levels of protection for these cases. For example, the power is not powered until the plug is securely plugged in and a car and charger make sure everything is ok.

– Before doing anything carefully study the manufacturer’s manual and follow the instructions.

– Charging stations and their equipment are insulated and waterproof. The same applies to the equipment (cables, plug) of the car. However, you should always check the equipment for damage before the charging process.

– When charging at home, in a conventional socket, caution is needed. The installation should be checked by an electrician to ensure that there is no problem. Make sure the cables don’t make corners and are positioned in a safe place. It is recommended that the socket of the vehicle is not placed in a balaclava, but directly in the socket. If the socket is exposed to rain and does not have a protective cover, it is a good thing to avoid charging.

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charging an electric car in the rain

Can I drive it in the rain?

Of course you can drive the electric car as you drive a conventional (with ICE engine), either under rain or under snowfall without running the risk of being electrocuted. Before a model comes into production, it goes through thorough testing and testing by automakers to ensure it is fully functional and above all safe.

Is the electric car getting into a car wash?

And if these questions sound funny, consider that two years ago, in a survey conducted by Go Ultra Low in Great Britain on electrification, it turned out that many Britons were confused about electric cars.

Go Ultra Low is a state-funded campaign of eight automakers (Audi, BMW, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Renault, Toyota and Volkswagen) and works with the association of manufacturers and importers to inform drivers and companies about the advantages of electrification and thus increase sales of these types of vehicles.

The results of this survey were described as “shocking” by the agency and not unfairly, as 42% of respondents did not know how to answer with certainty whether a fully electric car could get into a car wash!


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