Lightweight affordable electric bike concept from Avial

Electric bikes are becoming more popular in Europe and the lightweight affordable concept from Avial Bikes impresses

Designing and produce an affordable electric bike but at the same time having a low weight is not an easy process. However, this concept from Avial Bikes incorporates both of the above advantages into an attractive package. It is a city e-bike where it ideally combines the modern with the classic.

The concept frame is carefully designed to achieve low weight and is made of two symmetrically bent, made of 6061T6 alloy aluminum tubes. It also has a highly advanced manufacturing process since it prevents welding making the frame even stronger. This construction of the frame also has an impact on the workforce since the whole process is more simplified.

affordable electric bike

Another important element of the Avial e-bike concept is that the customer will be able to order it with a chain or belt. So with the chain there are two options where there will be a one-speed system or an 8-speed transmission system. As far as the belt is concerned, it’s going to be a single-speed system.

The battery that the affordable electric bike will wear is specially designed by Samsung where it is lightweight and removable. It is 36V, 10.5Ah (378Wh) and based on 18650 cells 3500mAh. A lightweight 250W Hub rear engine is used as a drive, the mode of which is easily adjusted using the controlled display.

affordable electric bike

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What impresses, however, is the electric autonomy it will provide since, as predicted and depending on the Pedal Assist settings, such a combination of the battery and the drive will be able to provide a range of 50-70 km on a single charge.

The Avial Bikes development team consists of enthusiasts who are engaged in tuning bicycles, as well as developing their own prototypes. We are pleased to test our own innovations and, along with this, we try to be always up to date with modern technologies and new products in the field of electric drives, batteries and other components of electric bicycles.

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