Most important announcements at Tesla Battery Day event

Major announcements were made at the recent Tesla Battery Day event by Elon Musk. New, larger and more efficient “tabless” batteries are expected to drop costs further and the $25,000 cheapest Tesla is also announced.

As part of Tesla Battery Day, Elon Musk unveiled the new technologies the company is preparing in the coming years and is focusing on the new type of “tabless” batteries. The new batteries will be manufactured inhouse. The new (cylindrical) batteries will use a larger shell (codenamed 4680) and compared to the existing ones will offer six times more power and five times more energy capacity.

Mass production of the new battery type will begin within the next two years and will lead to a gradual reduction in costs per kWh and thus to the fall in model prices. According to Tesla, “tabless” batteries will increase autonomy by 16% while reducing costs per kWh by 14%.

announcements Tesla Battery Day

Musk’s announcements at the long-awaited event were not only limited to the battery part, but there was also an update on the company’s new models. Specifically, Tesla’s CEO revealed data on the Model S Plaid which he said is the fastest production car ever built.

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At the same time, it announced the development of a new model with a price of no more than $25,000 (21,300 euros), which will go into production in about 3 years and will be equipped with a full autonomous driving system. This will be the most affordable model of the company due to the new batteries.

Musk unveiled a “Plaid” version of Tesla’s Model S during the event. The improved $140,000 and 1,100 horsepower Tri-motor Sedan will have the fastest acceleration of 0 to 60 mph and a quarter mile for any production car ever, Musk said. Also recently the Model S Plaid scored 1:30.3 on Laguna Seca raceway while pre-orders are already open on Tesla’s website.

Musk also pointed to improvements in Tesla’s manufacturing capacity, an issue he previously said was not appreciated by many people. Also a beta version of the software’s “full self-driving” capabilities will be released soon, musk said. “It took us long enough” to rewrite the entire code base, he said.


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