Porsche borrows employees from Audi because of Taycan

In the first half of 2020, almost 4,500 Taycan have been sold worldwide, leading Porsche to borrow 500 employees from Audi

The success of Taycan now enjoyed by Porsche has dramatically increased demand as a result of having to borrow employees from its “sister” company Audi. The news was confirmed by an Audi executive on the German website automobilwoche.de.

The first employees have already taken a job at the Zuffenhausen plant and are expected to be supported by other colleagues in the coming months. When their obligations are completed they will return to their base in Neckarsulm having gained valuable experience in assembling electric models.

Porsche borrows employees from Audi because of Taycan

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Taycan’s demand was high before it even started marketing, forcing Porsche to increase production to 40,000 units per year, while also hiring additional staff. In the first half of 2020 4,480 Porsche Taycans have been sold worldwide.

“150 Taycans are currently manufactured daily,” the Porsche spokesman said. Taycan’s high demand coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic led Porsche to temporarily postpone the planned start of production of the Cross Turismo version.


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