Renault wants new Talisman going electric by 2022

Renault wants to stop production of the Talisman but this does not mean the end of it since it may become fully electric. Talisman is one of the selected models in which the French company wants to stop due among other things to their low sales. At least, not as a model with an internal combustion engine.

If there was a chance that Talisman would receive a hybrid version with E-Tech technology, it no longer exists. The French brand has already condemned category D models from the future range of models, although as electric it is thought to be considering it.

Renault’s new plans include greater visibility of Category C models and non-neglect of Class B utility vehicles, while continuing to develop new electric cars. We already know that there are two in the agenda, an SUV and a compact. But the French company has a third more, and that seems to be the transformation of the Talisman into full electric, which they want to place at the level of the Tesla Model 3.

Renault Talisman

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This is the main opponent where the Talisman going to want to beat. The sources indicate that Renault had already started the project, always with the invaluable help of Nissan. This also came to light rumours that the Japanese are planning to turn the Nissan Maxima into a zero-emission vehicle, based on the CMF-EV platform, and that it will launch in 2022.

At present, technical characteristics for electric Renault Talisman do not exist but it is quite likely that it will be equipped with two electric motors, one per axle and with a maximum power of 360 kW (490 hp). In addition, a battery capacity of 115 kWh will give a range of 612 km.


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