Research-pilot project for 100% recyclable wind turbines

A new research pilot project for 100% recyclable wind turbines is expected from LM Wind Power and Engie where they join forces. This is a strategic consortium, where they will try to develop a wind turbine with zero impact on the environment.

With a wind turbine life of 30 years, existing wind turbines can be recycled at 85 to 90%. The zebra research-pilot project (Zero wastE Blade ReseArch) is scheduled to last 42 months and with a budget of around 18.5 million.

Research-pilot project for 100% recyclable wind turbines

The head will be the French research centre IRT Jules Verne. It aims to demonstrate at full scale the technical, economic and environmental relevance of a wind turbine’s thermoplastic fins, in conjunction with an ecodesign approach to facilitate recycling.

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The strategic consortium represents the whole range of the supply chain: from the development of materials, the construction of the fins, the operation of the wind turbine and its decommissioning, to finally the process of recycling the decommissioned elements.

evNT Note :

Surely the evolution of 100% recyclable wind turbines is a very important step for perfectly clean energy. Wind turbines are one of the main sources of clean energy and would be the ideal scenario if it is possible to be fully recycled.


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