Rimac shows all the manufacture details of the C_TWO

Croatian automaker Rimac is in the final stages of hyper-car development and a recent documentary shows all the manufacture details of the C_TWO. The factory recently opened and is located just outside Zagreb where it has two production lines. Meanwhile the second production line recently opened where it will help reduce the construction time of the electric hypercar.

It will take five weeks to assemble each car where it will allow Rimac to produce 4 C-TWO each month. So far the company has built 17 prototypes where needed for the necessary tests. Rimac had also planned to deliver the first cars to customers by the end of 2020. But the Coronavirus Pandemic delayed the whole project, so deliveries will take place somewhere in 2021.

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Inside the Croatian RIMAC Factory! Tesla has already demonstrated that supercars do not need an internal combustion engine to run at their peak. The Rimac C Two is also fully electric, and it impresses with spectacular figures: it reaches 97 km / h in just 1.85 seconds, its official top speed is 415 kilometers per hour. With the elegant C Two, the Croatian car manufacturer Rimac has presented an astonishing piece of technology that is also equipped with the latest driver assistance systems.

WELT Documentary
Rimac manufacture details

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