This is the first handmade Cybertruck and at minimal cost

Hunger for creation, and everything is possible like this first handmade Tesla Cybertruck with minimal cost. One spent enough time designing and cutting into thick cardboard the parts of Tesla’s cybertruck-scale bodywork. Even the wheels are made of the same material, while for the building blocks used sticks.

He then assembled them with glue and added the propulsion system with a small Serbian motor that moves a small drone. The very interesting element is the possibility of lifting the rear axle and a second motor for the hanger.

handmade Tesla minimal

After the master has completed his work he gives us a small demonstration where he shows us an important detail. The folding back door that goes down to the ground so a motorcycle can get in. And that’s it! Time for a ride on the wild off-road of a space with the rear-wheel-drive Cybertruck overstacking every obstacle!

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Description from YouTube channel Liberman

In today’s video I want to show you THow to make TESLA CYBERTRUCK from cardboard | Diy Cardboard Car

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