This mini electric car from China has an amazing price

Of course this mini electric car from China has not only amazing price but also great features. We’re talking about the Changan Benni EV 360 (or Benben EV 360). In China the new electric Benni costs from 69,800 yuan with the subsidy (current rate of 8,726 euros). For example, known to us and larger than the Benni EV 360, the VW Polo is sold in China from 99,900 yuan (12,490 euros).

The basic equipment of the Benni EV 360 includes ABS, frontal airbags, alloy wheels, electric mirrors, electric windows and radio. The richest version of 81,800 yuan (10,227 euros) also features a multimedia system with a 7-inch screen, reversing camera, panoramic roof, 6.1-inch digital instrument panel, etc.

 mini electric car from China

The Benni EV 360 is 3,730 mm long. (3,670 mm the new Hyundai i10), width 1,650 mm, height 1,530 mm and wheelbase 2,410 mm But the trunk of only 147 litres is very small. Its electric motor delivers 75 horsepower, its top speed reaches 125 km and the battery life reaches 301 km. (NEDC) or 360 km at a constant speed.

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 mini electric car from China

Mini electric cars would be of particular interest, since their prices did not differ much from those of conventional petrol engines. In Europe there are no such options, but not in the ‘paradise’ of electric cars, China. Mini electric car models in China are available there at very low prices, making them attractive and accessible to the buying public.

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Many are the Chinese start-ups that are trying to get a share in the revolution of electromobility with many types of vehicles that have quite affordable prices. The Chinese obviously want to lead in this market but the big question that arises here is whether and how many of the new manufacturers will be able to cope with the fierce competition that is now happening in China.

 mini electric car from China


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