This Porsche giant battery 2,1 MWh can charge 30 Taycan

Porsche developed a giant battery in a truck trailer where it has the ability to charge many Taycan. The Hungaroring track in Budapest recently hosted a special event called the Porsche Track Experience, which offered the German company’s customers the opportunity to test taycan electric in a “racing” teren.

But events like these are a big challenge. Especially when a large number of electric cars have to be charged quickly and simultaneously. Porsche wasted no time and, in collaboration with the German company “ads-tec”, built seven trailer trucks in total, which are essentially a huge storage area for electricity.

Porsche giant battery

The Porsche giant battery charger has impressive technical specifications, as the maximum power per unit is 3.2 MW, a price that can offer simultaneously and with the maximum energy speed at 10 Taycan. Even more impressive, however, is the capacity of the… battery, which reaches 2.1 MWh, which allows the charging of up to 30 cars of the new Porsche Taycan.

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Porsche stresses in its official statements that the filling of the truck-battery-charger with energy is carried out only from renewable sources – for example, at the recent event of the German company in Portimao, Portugal, the energy came from the adjacent photovoltaic systems where in ideal conditions, the “filling” can be completed even in just four hours.


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