VW delimits the SUVs with the fully electric ID.4 ?

Someone could say that the VW ID.4 delimits the particularly demanding category of SUVs. It looks well designed with harmonious lines but also has very good technical specs. After ID.3, ID.4 is the second model based on the modular platform for electrification (MEB) and the brand’s first fully electric SUV. It is manufactured in a climate neutral plant and is zero emission vehicle.

The ID.4 will be released in the compact SUV category, which makes up the largest segment of the global market. It will be produced and sold in Europe, China and America and is a milestone in Volkswagen’s growth strategy.

The ID.4’s electric motor is mounted on the rear axle and feeds the wheels through a one-speed gearbox. It is a lightweight and highly efficient, permanently stimulated modern engine (PSM) with a compact design.

VW ID.4 delimits SUVs

It delivers 150 kW (204 PS) power and the 310 Nm torque is readily available from a stop. The vehicle accelerates 0-100 km/h in 8.5 seconds, while the maximum speed is limited to 160 km/h. A top-notch version with even more power and four-wheel drive will follow in 2021.

The energy in ID.4 is stored in a 77kWh net battery, which weighs 493 kg and offers a range of up to 520 km. A key factor in the high autonomy of ID.4 is the strong recovery of braking energy. Using the operating option switch of the driving system, the driver decides whether the vehicle will regain power when releasing the throttle pedal.

VW ID.4 delimits SUVs

Its design is characterized by clean, flowing and strong forms. It combines the robust nature of an SUV with advanced aerodynamics – the Cd drag factor is just 0.28. As in the smaller ID.3, the lines of ID.4 symbolize the beginning of a new era in mobility. There is no refrigerator grille, because the electrical unit does not require this.

The IQ Light LED matrix headlights and the bright signature between them give an extremely modern touch to the front, while in the back there are 3D LED lights with dynamic flash and brake lights that light up in x-shape.

Volkswagen has equipped the ID.4 with an innovative operating concept. The dashboard has no physical buttons and switches and is characterized by a state-of-the-art look. The driver sees the most important information on a compact screen with a diagonal of 10 or 12 inches that can be controlled using the multi functional steering wheel.

VW ID.4 delimits SUVs

The standard “Hello ID” physical voice control function, which understands a large number of daily phrases, is the second level of operation. The center console, which has flexible configuration options and is not connected to the dashboard, creates the feeling of a neat interior.

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The augmented reality screen displays directional arrows and other screens on the windshield to blend in with the vehicle environment. We Connect Start services connect the vehicle to the owner’s smartphone and traffic infrastructure. The package offers navigation services, including traffic data and real-time updates and demonstration of nearby charging stations.

ID.4 begins its commercial career in European markets with two limited production models with very rich equipment, ID.4 1ST and ID.4 1ST Max. ID.4 1ST presses on 20-inch wheels in the “Drammen” design. The External Style package and the coloured windows at the back ensure an impressive street presence. The front seats and multifunction steering wheel can be heated and the background lighting adjusted to one of 30 different colors.

The ID.4 1ST Max is equipped with almost the entire equipment package. For the exterior, this includes matrix LED headlights, 3D LED lights and 21-inch Narvik wheels. These elements highlight the sporty nature of the vehicle, together with the progressive steering and adaptive DCC chassis control. The lanes between the headlights and the handles on the doors are illuminated.

Basic equipment includes electrically adjustable seats, panoramic glass ceiling, acoustic glass that reduces external noises inside the vehicle, a 3-zone Climatronic system and an electric rear door with an “Easy Open & Close” system.

ID.4 1ST and ID.4 1ST Max will be of limited production, a total of 27,000 units. Once exhausted, predefined production versions, combining the most popular options, will follow in packages.


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