Watch impressive renders of a Mercedes EQ Unimog

It would be pleasing to see the Mercedes-Benz EQ series extended to multi-purpose vehicles such as the legendary Unimog

The Mercedes Unimog could be said to be a legend vehicle, but how about a version that includes the EQ sub-brand. All modern Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles have this sub-brand and we find it from the Smart Fortwo to the latest pure electric model EQC SUV.

Mercedes-Benz’s Unimog began production in 1949 and is still described today as one of the world’s toughest vehicles. Could this vehicle be purely electric or at least hybrid? The answer we can get from some renderers coming from the digital artist Artyom Tropimenko. He is a Russian graduate of Politechnic University in Moscow and is currently a car designer at Renault in the Romanian capital.

Mercedes EQ Unimog

So this particular Mercedes-Benz Unimog EQ by the Russian designer captures what the company’s truck could look like in its electric form. Of course Tropimenko did not choose a purely electric version but it is a hybrid diesel as the best solution for where it is intended. When a vehicle needs to have access to difficult and inaccessible areas then it is very difficult to find a charging station to supply batteries with energy.

The vehicle has a three-cylinder diesel engine with 60 horsepower and an electric motor with 170 horsepower. It also has a large 130 litre tank and the lithium-ion battery has a large capacity of 50 kWh. Mercedes-Benz Unimog EQ has an impressive exterior look reminiscent by far of the original vehicle that the manufacturer had been producing for many years now.

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Mercedes EQ Unimog

Designally it is frugal has large wheels the necessary LED front traffic lights as well as long distance from the ground so it can move without problems on any ground. Unimog EQ render also impress with the intense dome on the front wings as well as the design touch on the windows from the doors where it gives it a futuristic shape.

Of course we do not know if the German company will at some point produce something similar but there is certainly a place in electrification and for special purpose vehicles.


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