Watch Tesla Gigafactory Texas progress on 21 Sep

Gigafactory Texas, or Gigafactory 5, was start manufactured by Tesla in July 2020. Work is already at an advanced level and Tesla plans to operate it by the end of 2021. Tesla plans to produce the Cybertruck and Tesla Semi mainly at this plant.

The Model 3 and Model Y models will also be produced for the eastern United States. Also at the end of the work Gigafactory 5 will have huge buildings where they will have an interesting shape. The total area of Giga Texas is 2,100 acres.

Tesla Gigafactory Texas

In the video below from Jeff Roberts‘ YouTube channel, you can see the progress of the work at Tesla Gigafactory Texas as it is today September 21, 2020. The site has already been cleaned and heavy machinery items are performing tasks. But the day was somewhat rainy after the tropical storm that hit the area.

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Description from video :

Here we go again with rain & wind from a tropical storm (Beto)! Those trucks look bored… but alas, they shall ride again (Wednesday?) and we’ll get back on track like always! Had to dodge some raindrops in the air today, so the flight path got altered a bit and I had to speed up, so no time-lapsey effect for a lot of this one 😐

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