A useful way to use the innovative Tesla Smart Summon

The use of innovative Smart Summon function in Tesla models,
we can say that it is a precursor to FSD (Full Self Driving) technology where yesterday Elon Musk said that some “careful” drivers will receive the update.

A driver of the Tesla Model Y from Florida was stunned when he returned to the car he saw it was surrounded by stagnant water. But the waters were enough that he didn’t have access without soaking his shoes enough, and not only!

An hour of rain caused the problem, but for Tesla there’s no problem since the Tesla Smart Summon feature allowed the owner to simply call the car out of the water and board with dry feet.

innovative Smart Summon
A useful way to use the innovative Smart Summon

The driver can, using his smartphone, activate his car and drive it out of the parking lot, bringing it to the area. This function relies on sensors and computers to be able to move forward, rear, turn the steering wheel, develop speed and brake on its own if it detects people or obstacles while on its way to the driver calling it.

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Tesla Model Y Smart Summon – one of the most convenience features.


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