It was relatively expected that another record from Tesla in Q3 was coming in deliveries and production of its electric cars. Tesla (TSLA) released the data confirming the company’s upward course for 2020 nationwide but also global.

Indeed, this time the analysts’ forecasts could be said to be accurate since while a few weeks ago they were aiming for 120,000 deliveries last the number increased to 140,000 deliveries. So according to the latest figures revealed by Tesla, deliveries reached 139,300 cars. On the other hand, production reached 145,036 cars.

record from Tesla in Q3

If we compare deliveries with the previous quarter of 90,000 cars then Q3 is overall a very big improvement. Naturally, the 2020 Q3 recorded another milestone in deliveries, essentially tearing down the 2019 Q4 where Tesla had sold 112,000 electric vehicles.

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Tesla now seems to have fully regained its production capacity by oversmed the pandemic and adds something more. In its quarterly delivery and production figure, Tesla does not analyze production per factory, but the information should be released during its third-quarter earnings later this month.

Elon Musk also wrote on Twitter that Tesla will start selling its cars on the Indian market from 2021, and it has become known that the price of the Model 3 in China will fall by 8%, to 249,900 yuan (31,440 euros), once Chinese subsidies for electric vehicles come into force.


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