Enormous increase expected in Europe EV sales until 2025

Next year will be important for sales of electric vehicles but enormous increase expected in Europe by 2025. Until recently this reflected only a small percentage of sales in most European countries, simply giving the feeling of a first placement and acquaintance with the public. However, in the coming years the electric vehicle market will have rapid growth with massive sales in every European country.

The high demand for electric cars will light the “green light” of the creation of many factories that will start mass productions to meet the increased demand. Current production forecasts, according to data available from the European Transport and Environment Federation, show that most car manufacturers are ready to adopt electrification by focusing on increasing car volumes.

enormous increase expected in Europe
Enormous increase expected in Europe EV sales until 2025

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After several years of small growth, the number of EV models produced across the EU is set to reach new heights. Thus, while there were about 60 electric models or plug-in hybrid (PHEV) in 2018, these by the end of the year are expected to reach 176 models, while in 2021, 214 models and almost 333 models in 2025.

After all, it is no coincidence that in a few months the new EU pollutant emission circular, which is 95 grams per kilometer, is coming into effect. If the car manufacturers fail to catch this limit, they will be fined hefty fines.

According to forecast data, production of electric vehicles in Europe is expected to increase six-yearly by 2025, reaching more than 4 million cars and trucks or more than a fifth of EU car production volumes. And as the new emission limits set by the EU approach, which will be at least 15% lower in 2025, the more automakers will step up efforts to increase electric models.

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