Europeans want to buy EVs because of climate change

More and more Europeans want to buy EVs because of the intense climate change that is now happening on the planet. Thus, 43% consider the use of electric cars to be a good solution to solve the problem. This is one of the key findings of the research carried out by EVBox Mobility Monitor in its annual report on the promotion of electric vehicles in Europe.

The survey involved 3,600 European citizens from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Norway and the United Kingdom. Other survey data indicate that a large proportion of European citizens (62%) considers climate change to be a personal issue and that they should help more to save the planet, while 74% want to invest by buying an electric car. This includes those who already drive a zero-emission vehicle. More than half of respondents (62%) said they would like to see a better time. state that reducing CO2 emissions in transport is important and that any problems that exist should be resolved as soon as possible.

Europeans want to buy EVs
Europeans want to buy EVs according new survey

However, the biggest obstacles to the development of electric cars remain the charging stations, as they pose a key problem for the availability of public charging points. Some European citizens have also raised concerns about whether charging on public chargers is particularly expensive, which will be a deterrent to the spread of cost-effective electrification.

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It is worth noting that the majority of existing electric car acquisition programmes are on track and that they do not have problems (89%) EV acquisition, which shows that there is a good organisational structure.

Respondents to the survey argued that it is government policies that tend to acquire an electric car. 77% of people who are thinking of investing in an EV believe that their government should prioritise policies that protect the environment. The EU’s climate and pollutant target is seen as favourable and good by 70% of EV drivers.

Finally, of those who already drive an electric car, 82% say they have no regrets and that their next car will again be electric.


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