Fleet of 100 electric cars Tesla has the Beat in Mexico

Ridesharing company Beat owns Fleet of 100 Electric Tesla cars where it will offer modern hired transportation services in Mexico. But how does Beat Tesla work?

As Beat’s General Manager of Operations (COO) Sanja Illic describes in “K”, the company, through its partner in Mexico, has purchased a fleet of more than 100 Tesla cars, which serve, in the first instance, certain areas of Mexico City. Through this new service, the company seeks to attract millennials, people born from 1981 to 1996 and technology is at the heart of their daily lives, and they are aware of environmental protection.

The Beat Tesla, available in nine areas of Mexico City, guarantees passenger pick-up times of up to two minutes, and free Wi-Fi is available during the journey. Drivers who have underwent special training are also screened to detect coronavirus symptoms, vehicles are disinfected per route, and plexiglasses are placed in the cab.

Fleet of 100 Electric Tesla
Fleet of 100 electric cars Tesla from Beat in Mexico

And with safety a top priority in Mexico, the vehicles are equipped with cameras, while Beat Tesla users can communicate with the company via live chat for 48 hours after the end of the ride. As Mrs. Illic , through this service Beat seeks to optimize the transportation experience and gradually enhance its market share, in this case in Mexico City, by attracting a new category of high-income customers seeking luxury transportation services through leased vehicles.

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A 40 km ride with a leased, Beat app, Tesla’s electric car allows you to save 6,760 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2). It is also estimated that 423 small trees would be required to absorb daily CO2 emissions. These are the environmental benefits described by the leased travel service provider Beat.

Beat founded in 2011 in Athens, Greece, and has been part of BMW and Daimler’s “Free now” consortium since 2017. In addition to Greece, it operates in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina, with the company planning to expand further to more cities in Latin America, where it has a significant market share.


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