GMC reveals new Hummer EV Supertruck with 1000 HP

GMC with the new Hummer EV Supertruck makes the great return to off-road vehicles with an impressive pickup truck. Only the mention of the name “Hummer” was enough to describe the model of the first generation with absolute precision being like the word hammer. Because the Hummer was a real hammer – it wasn’t a scalpel or some other precision tool.

It was a beast, with military origins and the ability to flatten everything with the ferocious diesel V8 that exceeded a capacity of 6 liters! The new Hummer, the one that wears the GMC badge and was unveiled last night, has nothing to do with the H1 of the 90s and makes perfect sense as times have changed.

new Hummer EV Supertruck

The new GMC Hummer retains some of the elements of its ancestors but blooms them with modern details. But the main thing is that it is once again presented in front of us square and imposing. At the front we distinguish the minimalist grille with the thin luminaires at its edges and the characteristic off-road bumper.

On the side, the show steals small windows and puffy wings with squared domes. It is worth mentioning that the roof has removable panels that allow the driver to live a truly… cabriolet experience. Back, the new Hummer, as it’s a pickup now, doesn’t have much room for impressing, so it just has a big bumper and LED luminaires that give it a special “signature”.

new Hummer EV Supertruck

Inside, on the other hand, GMC’s futuristic pickup is equipped with two screens: a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel and a 13.4-inch entertainment and information system, as well as the company’s impressive “UltraVision” system, which offers 18 different angles to monitor the giant vehicle’s environment. With the exception of the steering wheel, the interior of the Hummer appears to have been designed exclusively with a ruler as it is impossible to detect a curve.

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As far as mechanical parts are concerned, there are 3 electric motors that together produce more than 1,000 horses and allow the large pickup to accelerate to 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds with the “Watts to Freedom” launch control. General Motors” “Ultium” batteries give autonomy of 350 miles or 563 kilometers.

new Hummer EV Supertruck
New Hummer EV Supertruck

Batteries have fast charging as the Hummer charges up to 350 kW and this is enough to offer 100 miles or 160 km of range in 10 minutes! It is also worth mentioning that the new model has a four-wheel directional system which offers a function called “CrabWalk” in which the wheels turn in the same direction and the Hummer can move diagonally.

A function that can prove useful off-road. Speaking of off-roading, note that the Hummer is equipped with an air suspension that can increase the distance from the ground by up to 149 mm in extreme cases.

Otherwise, the Hummer is launched in the Edition 1 version with a price starting at $112,595 but will be followed by the “3X” version in which the 3 electric motors produce about 800 horses and the price drops to $99,995 and also the range is reduced to 300+ miles (483+ kilometers).

In 2023 follow the “2X” versions, which will adopt a setup with two electric motors for just over 625 HP and will provide either 300+ miles or 483 kilometers of autonomy, or around 400 but with a further lower price.


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