Is the VW ID.3 electric car better than a Golf ?

Can the new fully electric VW ID.3 be better than the Golf? Sure comparing it to one of the best Hatches with a thermal motor on the market right now isn’t the easiest thing. On the other hand ID.3 has already started its launch in Europe and even in Norway it topped the sales table registrations for September.

As mentioned in the video, many Volkswagen users are asking if the new ID.3 can replace the Golf. This ID.3 in the review is the 58 kW battery version that gives 260 km combined range according WLTP measurement and 358 km in the city.

In the video below from the YouTube channel volkswizard, you can see a detailed Review from the new Volkswagen ID.3 and answers that come from the question…. Is the VW ID.3 better than a Golf ?

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Description from video :

This really is the most important video I am going to make in a very long time. I arrived back from Germany the night before, didn’t sleep very well with excitement and got to Cheltenham bright and early to get the big question answered, is the ID3 the car that will kill the Golf, just like the Golf killed the Beetle all those years ago? On reflection the wiper stalk moves down rather than up to avoid obscuring the gear selector. On the first range test I got my numbers a bit messed up while driving but the conclusion was the same, it definitely used around 25% more range than expected. When I described the steering as vague, I meant it lack communication rather than any slackness, it felt very direct.

VW ID.3 better than the Golf

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