Lowest temperature of all time observed at a Greenland station

Lowest temperature of all time was observed in Greenland while scientists searched the archives of meteorological stations for the highest temperature of all time. And that’s because they “fell” on a measurement from an automatic weather station in Greenland 30 years ago.

The thermometer at Klinck station in Greenland showed -69.6 degrees Celsius on December 22, 1991, almost two degrees Celsius below the -67.8 recorded in Verkoyansk, Russia, in February 1892 and Oimekon, Russia in 1933.

All three temperatures are particularly low for the Northern Hemisphere, but are not comparable to the -89.2 degrees Celsius recorded in the Southern Hemisphere in the winter of 1983 at The Vostok Station in Antarctica. Extreme weather events at the two poles are of great interest to scientists studying climate change, as through them they create measurement models.

Lowest temperature of all time

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Temperatures in the Arctic hit red this summer, while a heat wave also hit Siberia. At Verkhoyansk station, the mercury reached 38 degrees Celsius in June. Researchers from the World Meteorological Organization are examining whether this is the highest temperature recorded outside the Arctic Circle.

“In the age of climate change attention has turned to record high temperatures. This discovery is an important reminder of the huge contrasts that exist on the planet,” stressed World Meteorological Organization Secretary General Petteri Taalas.


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