Nissan LEAF awarded as Used Electric Car of the Year

The Nissan LEAF, released in 2018, was awarded as Used Electric Car of the Year in What Car?, at the 2021 Used Car Awards. The first generation model, released from 2011 to 2017, also won the prize for its price (up to £13,000) in the same category. In the Which? Car Survey 2020, includes a sample of more than 47,000 motorists surveyed about their cars.

Which Magazine described the first generation of LEAF as “Best Buy” for 2020, in its annual reliability survey. The What Car? praised the elegant design of the second generation Nissan LEAF (40kWh), as well as the driving radius, the practical luggage compartment and the standard safety technologies that accompany it, such as blind spot monitoring and road sign recognition.

Used Electric Car of the Year
Nissan Leaf – Used Electric Car of the Year

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At the same time, the first generation Nissan LEAF was praised by What Car?, in relation to competing electric car models with similar prices, for its practicality and reliability.

In the same category of Used EV, LEAF won the price criterion, as in many post-2017 examples with a purchase budget of £13,000, it displays the highest battery capacity of 30kWh, offering greater autonomy over its competitors.


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