Renault ready to sell CO2 emissions to anyone interested

Renault currently has the ability to sell CO2 emissions to anyone interested. But what is it and why is a company able to do it? First of all, there is European legislation on pollutant emissions.

Thus, a company with a very low average emission of pollutants in its fleet can sell the excess to any manufacturer with a higher average wishing to buy it. Renault has the most sales in Western Europe having registered about 51,200 cars by August last year and so, it has already achieved its target in terms of pollutant emissions and even with more comfort.

Thus, it calls on any company not in the same happy position as Renault and cannot achieve its CO2 emissions targets, to buy a few grams per kilometer from its “pool”. Of course, any company that answers Renault’s call must prove that its participation will not cause the French brand to exceed its targets or, if it provokes it, will pay the resulting fine.

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Renault to sell CO2 emissions

What is interesting is that Renault planned to share its CO2 emissions pool with other Alliance companies such as Mitsubishi and Nissan but apparently decided to operate autonomously. It remains to be seen which companies will join Renault’s programme (the deadline is 18 November), with rumours that a possible candidate is Daimler.

In related news, it is worth mentioning that the Chinese SAIC has entered Volkswagen’s CO2 emissions “pool” to help it achieve the goals set by the EU. We will come back several times to the issue of “emission pools” of various manufacturers and/or the fines that some will pay when the time of the bill arrives.


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