Renault unveils CMF-EV platform for future EVs

Renault chose a new special platform for EVs called CMF-EV, developed together with combustion architecture, but with a completely different technical approach. To such an extent that the French company took a few years to officially present it with the premiere of concept Morphoz

The debut of the concept Mégane eVision demonstrates the potential of French architecture, a fully modular platform that allows the development of different models and the conception of which was participated by an expert in the sustainable mobility of the Alliance, Nissan. In fact, most of this new mechanical base is the responsibility of the Japanese, but it will clearly benefit Renault, Dacia and also Mitsubishi.

Renault platform CMF-EV for EVs

The CMF-EV platform will be standard for all Renault, Nissan, Dacia and Mitsubishi electric cars
The new CMF-EV is a platform that supports the design of models with two 2.69 and 2.77 meters wheelbases. Both wheelbases were also promoted by Morphoz in its presentation, through a system that showed how to lengthen or shrink the floor of the concept, i.e. the platform.

Gilles Le Borgne, Renault’s Director of Engineering, explained some very interesting peculiarities of the built-in technology, which supports models with front and four-wheel drive. The French company has also developed electric motors, with a maximum power of 160 kW, equivalent to 214 hp, although thanks to the “e-boost” function they can maintain power of 178 kW, almost 240 hp, for a few seconds.

Renault platform CMF-EV for EVs
Renault platform CMF-EV for EVs

Among other innovations, the brand will also offer its new electric vehicles with a built-in charger capable of supporting 130 kW of power in direct current, so that in 30 minutes it can recover from 15% to 80% of total capacity.

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As is common among manufacturers, these platforms stand out for containing the battery pack between the axles and Renault has also followed this trend, leaving a completely flat floor in the passenger compartment. The French brand has a deal with LG Chem, which will be the sole supplier of batteries.

Renault platform CMF-EV for EVs

Renault provides for different capacities, from 40 to 90 kWh, which will be assembled according to the specifications of each model. Le Borgne confirmed that the battery to be powered by the South Korean supplier, from its factory in Poland, is lithium-ion, although the entire architecture is ready to mount the most advanced solid electrolyte in the future.


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