Tesla Autopilot distraction issue in new Euro NCAP test

According to Euro NCAP, Tesla Autopilot showed distraction issue regarding assisted driving. Recently, Euro NCAP published the results of the second round of testing and although the Tesla Model 3 excelled in terms of the technology it uses, the final score was modest.

This is because, a key criterion in testing is the driver’s dedication to driving, and as we talk about assisted rather than fully autonomous driving, the examiners have concluded that Tesla is urging the driver to leave too much out of his control.

More specifically, the results show that it is one of the most quality cars in the individual technological points, as it obtained an excellent or very good score in a few tests. It was the top of all in the “Safety Backup” section, which means it can manage any systemic problems, avoid collisions and intervene in situations where the driver has not responded, all to an impeccable degree.

Tesla Autopilot showed distraction issue
Tesla Autopilot showed distraction issue

Based on Euro NCAP, however, problems are found in the Driver Engagement track. More specifically, the people who tested the car noted that the company’s marketing is not in line with the manufacturer’s manual, and this may make some drivers believe that the Tesla Model 3 provides more than just assistance.

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The people of independent Thatcham Research, who conducted the tests, stated that : “Many parts of the Model 3 are exemplary; assistive systems are the top we have come across, and it has been excellent in the field of Safety Backup. However, it is rated as ‘moderate’ due to poor interaction with the driver, with a philosophy that essentially prompts him to let the vehicle drive. This would be acceptable for an automated vehicle – but here [it is rated for] assisted driving

The Mercedes GLE, BMW 3 Series and Audi Q8 topped the standings. Although they did not excel in Model 3 technology, they offered “a good balance between a high level of assistance while keeping the driver committed to driving and driving under his control.”

The surprise in the modest rating for the Tesla Model 3, which is generally seen as a market leader for driverless technology, is due to the Autopilot system falling because it was automatically disabled when a driver drove around a barrier.


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