Tesla September sales on Q3 in Norway ranking 2020 highest

Tesla sales for the month of September in Q3 in Norway recorded an impressive rise. According to Tesla’s live sales statistics available on the teslastats.no website, September sales reached the highest number this year with 1,439 Tesla totals.

Compared to the previous months of 2020 the number looks quite impressive since compared to June, Tesla delivered 3X more models. Usually for the company the last month of each quarter is also the strongest in sales.

Tesla September Q3 in Norway
Tesla Norway sales up to Q3 2020 – Source: TeslaStats.no

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Historically, March is the month with the highest sales in Norway, but due to the pandemic there have been big changes in sales of all carmakers. If Tesla is able to continue pushing up sales, at the end of the year will still reach a high range, but of course much will also depend on the evolution of the pandemic.

About Tesla September Q3 in Norway also saw the biggest rise since September 2019 when 2771 units were delivered. So the 1439 units for this Year’s September exceed the last 12 months. The only month where Tesla’s sales came close in September was December 2019 with 1399 units.

In terms of September deliveries, the Model 3 recorded 1116 cars, the Model X 181 cars while the Model S 142 cars.


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