The affordable Dacia Spring EV is coming on 15 Oct

The affordable Dacia Spring EV is expected to be unveiled on October 15 and will be the company’s first purely electric model for the European market. The Spring EV will put the “foundations” to make city electric vehicles more affordable than ever.

It will be a small SUV and probably the European version of the Chinese Renault K-ZE. Rumours says that the two cars will have a lot in common. Dacia Spring will have a simple but attractive design as well as sufficiently satisfactory features. The purpose of Romanian industry is to offer a cheap SUV, which people will love to travel through the city.

The affordable Dacia Spring

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The electric 5-door city car will offer an average range of 200 km per charge, in a WLTP cycle, from the 26.8 kWh lithium-ion battery.

This will provide power to a 33 kW (45 horsepower) electric motor, it will also have compact dimensions (3.73 meters long) to make Spring ideal for everyday in-city use. The small SUV will be based on the CMF-A platform and will be about 30 cm shorter than the Sandero and will have spaces for four passengers.


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