The first Nissan LEAF Taxi in Greece by Taxiplon

The first Nissan LEAF Taxi with the 62Kwh battery is expected to bring new data in the Taxi category in Greece. At the Taxi delivery ceremony, recently held at the central facilities of Nissan-Nik. I. Theocharakis A. Eh., the Vice President and Managing Director of Nissan Nik. I. Theocharakis A. E., Takis Theocharakis, among other things, said:

Electrification in Greece is now a fact. And it is an event that we all welcome with great satisfaction but also great expectations. Taxiplon, with the first electric Taxi in Greece, a car that offers range of up to 528 km but at the same time zero pollutants, opens new roads. Zero-pollution Taxis are sure to make a great contribution to breathing much cleaner air into our cities.

first Nissan LEAF TAXI

Taxiplon brings passengers into contact with the professional Taxi driver every day, facilitating their communication through the innovative free Taxiplon Passenger app for smartphones. Thanks to its advanced technology and ease of use, Taxiplon’s application simplifies Taxi search throughout Greece.

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It offers unparalleled ease and speed in Taxi calling, as the passenger sees the vehicle he has called and can monitor it on his smartphone in real time as it approaches. It also receives information on the driver’s name, arrival time and cost estimate of each trip. Constantly seeking new solutions in the field of technology, Taxiplon is constantly evolving new ways of calling Taxis either through applications, by phone in 18222 or even via viber.


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