The Leaf EV reliability from Nissan awarded once again

Nissan Leaf EV was once again awarded for its reliability after taking the title of the most reliable pure electric car, following a survey of the best-known British insurance companies.

The parameters measured in the result of the survey concerned the frequency of necessary repairs, often problems, repair costs and the age of the vehicle at the time of the damage. Similar models using internal combustion engines were also tested, with the Leaf coming in 7th place in the general classification.

The positive results of Warrantywise’s research on the Leaf came immediately after some official recognitions the model received for its second-hand pieces, which are on the market.

Leaf EV awarded reliability
Nissan Leaf EV was once again awarded for its reliability

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The second generation Leaf unveiled in 2018 with the 40kWh battery came out as “Used Pure Electric Car of the Year” in a What Car? competition, while the first-generation Nissan Leaf, produced between 2011 and 2017, won the same title in the category of vehicles costing up to 13,000 pounds (14,000 euros).

In Which? magazine the first generation of the Japanese model also took the title of “Best Buy” for 2020, in the annual reliability survey conducted by the magazine.


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