Top 5 best-selling electric cars of all time

Closing a decade since the first electric car is mass produced let’s see what are the Top 5 best-selling electric cars over the years until today. The first generation of the Nissan Leaf was introduced in December 2010 with the second generation coming in October 2017, and was the first mass-produced electric car.

Since then the evolution of pure electric vehicles has been rapid and in just 10 years the landscape of motoring seems to be changing radically. In the new era of electrification, Tesla plays a leading role in presenting models where they are widely accepted by the consumer public. But more and more traditional manufacturers are now investing in electrification.

But let’s see what is the Top 5 best-selling Electric cars of all time sold to date.

5. BAIC EC-Series203k sales

The Chinese market in electric cars has grown rapidly in recent years showing a huge rise and this is shown by the mini electric BAIC EC-Series model where it managed to achieve 203k sales in china’s highly competitive market. The model has been on the market for some years since it was revealed in 2016 but lately its sales trajectory has been relatively reduced.

4. Renault ZOE (1st and 2nd Gen) 231k sales

The Renault Zoe also has several years on its back since it was introduced in 2012 and in June 2019 it was replaced by the second generation of the model. The ZOE has made an impressive run in the European market after being able to sell 231k pure electric cars. The first generation of the model had a 22kWh battery with a range of up to 240 km. In September 2016 Renault announced the upgraded version with 41 kWh battery while the second generation of the model comes with a 52 kWh battery.

3. Tesla Model S – 305k sales

Top 5 best-selling electric cars

The Tesla Model S is a very impressive five-door liftback sedan where it like the Renault Zoe was introduced in 2012 where it remains to this day of course with the necessary technical improvements. It could be said that this model has state-of-the-art in terms of battery technology the drive unit but also the very efficient autopilot. Its course over the years is considered very successful where managing to sell 305k electric cars.

2. Nissan Leaf (1st and 2nd Gen)500k+ Sales

Top 5 best-selling electric cars

For the Nissan Leaf no special recommendations are needed since it is the first pure electric car of wide production introduced by the Japanese company in 2010. The second generation of the model released as early as the end of 2017 has been a very successful course and so far in combination with the first generation has sold over 500k cars. The Nissan Leaf in December 2019 held the title of world’s top selling plug-in electric car.

The first generation Leaf had a 24 kWh battery and in 2016 was upgraded with an even larger lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 30 kWh. Later followed the second generation of the model that had a battery of 40 kWh while the Leaf e+ version gave more autonomy since the battery capacity was now 62 kWh.

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1. Tesla Model 3 – 645k sales

Top 5 best-selling electric cars

The Tesla Model 3 has a unique privilege after it bring-down the Nissan Leaf from the first place where until the first months of 2020 it held this privilege. The Model 3 radically changed the philosophy of electric vehicles since it has highly developed technology. One of the most important features of the electric car is the autonomy where it can reach 322 miles or 518 kilometers, the excellent performance it offers and the semi-autonomous driving system the Autopilot, which is highly advanced.

Top 5 best-selling electric cars

The Tesla Model 3 was unveiled in July 2017 and the first cars were delivered in the summer of 2018. Initially there were some production problems but later the company managed to correct many of them with a positive account on the waiting list. The Model 3 is now sold in the world’s largest markets such as America, Europe and Asia, and there are also thoughts about the Indian market. At the moment the Model 3 enjoys first place with 645k sales and as it looks will remain there for much longer.


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