Unexpected problem of Polestar 2 cars say owners

An unexpected and strange problem of Polestar 2 presented itself to some owners in Sweden, Norway and Germany. At least 30 Polestar 2 were suddenly immobilized while on the road, according to reports.

Polestar 2 has long since started its commercial course in some European markets and taking a look at sales, especially in countries such as Norway and Sweden, where electrification is particularly popular, the first indications are impressive.

At the beginning of production, however, problems of youth began to appear. According to the CarUp website, more than 30 owners of Polestar 2 in Norway, Sweden and Germany have had a problem with their cars which have suddenly stopped working. Before this happened, some people received a warning message that reported a problem with the drive system.

Polestar 2 electric

In some cases, in fact, the cars had to stay in the workshop for almost a month until the necessary repairs were made. Typical is the testimony of Tobias Åkeblom from Luleå, a city located 900 km away from Stockholm. Speaking to CarUp he said that the day after receiving polestar 2, the car stopped working and so was taken to the garage for repair. The waiting time in his case was 30 days.

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CarUp reports that the problem is related to the car’s 12-vehicle system. A similar problem occurs with a Tesla Model 3 only there the issue is solved by replacing the 12V battery.

Speaking to Swedish website Polestar’s PR manager, Brent Ellis said the 12V battery was not the source of evil in all cases. However, the situation faced by polestar 2 drivers is the same: their car suddenly comes to a stand still and does not work again. In some cases, you don’t even get a warning message.


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