Watch 2021 Mercedes EVs lineup with heavy camouflage

The 2021 Mercedes EVs lineup is being tested by the German company after it got permission to circulate on public roads, but wearing heavy camouflage. Mercedes-Benz is in the process of final testing for the upcoming pure electric models where they are expected to be unveiled gradually from next year.

In the video below you will see three models of EQ, which is the name of the new brand for the future pure electric models of the German company. First of all, it should be said that common denominators among the EQ models will be the same architecture on which they will be based, but also the design both on the outside with the ramp of the roof, as well as in the design of the cabin.

2021 Mercedes EVs lineup
2021 Mercedes EVs lineup

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EQ will add six models to its range, while the start will be in 2021 with EQS, which has already travelled two million kilometers of testing from hot South Africa to frozen Northern Sweden. In fact, EQS will have a flagship role in the EQ range, as it will be the corresponding S-Class, and will also be offered as an SUV. It is worth mentioning that the autonomy announced for the upcoming EQS reaches 700 km.

At the same time we see the upcoming smaller electric sedan EQE, while EQA and EQB will be the corresponding electric SUVs of GLA and GLB. In addition to the EQ, Mercedes will create another new brand, based on the legendary G-Class and the strong off-road skills that have established it for so many years. It is also noted that the first electric and stronger AMG models will be released within the next year.


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