Watch how match efficient is the VW ID.3 1st Plus

How efficient can the new fully electric VW ID.3 be in the 1st Plus version? The answers are given by Bjørn Nyland where, as always, he explains in particular the differences that ID.3 1st Plus has with the basic version. It is the middle version of the ID.3 series where it has a capacity battery of 62 kWh where the 58 kWh is useable.

As he stated, the basic version of ID.3 has 18-inch wheels while in this car it wears 19 inch wheels. It also has a camera at the back and special reference is made to the brakes on the rear wheels where it has no disc brakes but drum brakes. On interior, impression cause the seats where they also have alcantara coating (not total).

ID.3 comes in three different battery versions. At the base of the range there is the version with the 45 kWh battery that offers autonomy 330 km by WLTP. The electric motor installed on the rear axle produces a power of 126 or 150 hp, respectively.

How efficient VW ID.3

In the next version is the 58 kWh medium capacity battery that offers autonomy of up to 420 km by WLTP. In this case the electric motor produces a power of 146 or 204 hp. Finally, the larger battery has a useful energy of 77 kWh and the range reaches up to 550 km by WLTP, with the electric motor delivering 204 horsepower.

ID.3 made a strong start in Norway for the month of September as it was by far first in the rankings. In the video below from YouTube channel Bjørn Nyland, you can see how Volkswagen’s new pure electric behaved in this range test.

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How efficient is VW ID.3 ?

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