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How the Tesla FSD Beta (Full Self Driving) react in real-world conditions? As Elon Musk announced, some lucky Tesla owners can now try the beta version of the full autopilot (FSD).

With the trial version already released, some drivers offer us the first videos of the company’s Full Self-Driving system. In the videos below we see the system in action, as well as the corresponding display that the user has on Tesla’s main screen.

How the Tesla FSD Beta

We also see how careful the vehicle becomes in case it encounters a roundabout, as it first comes to a halt completely to check. However, the graphics shown on the screen look pretty rough, although we’re still talking about a trial version of the full Autopilot.

Participation in the beta version has only a few drivers, after an evaluation made by the company itself in their driving behavior. Tesla notes that Full Self-Driving should be used with caution, with the driver always having his hands on the steering wheel and observing the road.

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Description from YouTube channel James Locke :

We simulated a normal commute for my wife from JPL in Pasadena, CA back to Santa Clarita superchargers. Used city streets to highways with interchanges and back to city streets and into the supercharger parking lot. Had lots of various situations, had a few interventions but overall very impressive for early beta of FSD.

Video from YouTube channel Tesla Raj

Description from YouTube channel Brandon M :

I’m discussing various points that I noticed during some night time driving. Detecting abnormally parked cars, the color of the lane lines, nag timers… and that there needs to be some smoothing of the throttle. We both got a bit car sick after the trip.

Description from YouTube channel The Kilowatts :

Here’s just a quick unedited iPhone shot video from our time with John from Tesla Owners Club Silicon Valley and his FSD Beta enabled P100D Model X (2020.40.8.10). In this video, we walk you through the entire experience. Throughout the day, we also filmed specific tests of edge cases that were previously impossible for Autopilot and will have plenty of new videos coming out soon featuring the FSD Beta.

Description from YouTube channel Raymond Saint :

Footage by @teslaownersSV & @tesla_raj Car: Fwaud (Model X)

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