Watch Tesla Giga Berlin mid-October progress

Although winter is approaching Tesla Giga Berlin mid-October progress looks significant. A new drone crossing carried out yesterday by YouTube channel the_wolfpack_berlin, the images show more filled with buildings and compared to almost a month ago progress looks impressive.

Perhaps the new pre-fab technique, as Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, had said earlier this year, plays a key role in the rapid development of the buildings. Recently Musk visited the workplace for the first time and even mentioned that Giga Berlin will produce cars in a completely different way. He also stated that Giga Berlin’s paint shop will be the most advanced paint shop in the world.

Giga Berlin mid-October
Giga Berlin mid-October progress

Giga Berlin, or Gigafactory 4, is located next to the A10 motorway, where there is a junction for entry and exit to and from the factory. There is also access to the railway, which takes people to and from Berlin, since the factory is known to be close to the German capital.

According to Tesla the Giga Berlin will produce batteries, engines and vehicles, starting with the Model Y. He wants to see the first Model Y come off the production line in July 2021.

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