Watch the transparent electric Mercedes EQC 400 SUV

Mercedes makes the electric EQC 4MATIC almost transparent where it wants to show us the technology available in the pure electric SUV where no eye directly can see. On the front of the vehicle we can see that the right side is exposed by seeing the sensors and in what position they are positioned. We can also see a cut on the front bonnet showing the engine’s electrical unit which sends power to the front wheels.

From the driver’s seat there are two openings in each door where it allows us for a better view deep into the car after the right seat has been removed and the floor is back exposed. There we can see the lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 80 kWh while the weight reaches 650 kg. Electronic components can also be seen to be connected.

transparent electric Mercedes EQC

The driver’s steering wheel is also open and the frontal airbag sub-module is shown. Impressive element is the rear charging bridge where it reveals how the EQC 4MATIC SUV charges. To make all modifications to this vehicle a reality, three trainees worked for 36 hours to cut the body panels. 23 grinding discs were required to finish the surfaces and in total all work together with body paint took 50 hours.

Watch the transparent electric Mercedes EQC 400 4MATIC SUV


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