Watch VW ID.3 on a single charge until it DIED!

The mid-range version of the VW ID.3 with a single charge can reach 263 miles (434 km) according to WLTP measurement. The total battery capacity is 62 kWh but 58 kWh is usable.

In the video below from YouTube channel carwow, you can see an inspection of the car internally as well as a range test. However, in this test the ID.3 will have to last as far away as possible, i.e. until the battery “dies” (temporarily of course!)

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How far can go the VW ID.3 with a single charge ?

Description from video :

Volkswagen’s new all-electric hatchback is here… And Mat’s taking it for a range test! On the face of it, the ID.3 looks and sounds pretty impressive. Not only does it have a cool futuristic look, but you can get it with a 201hp electric motor, and up to 77kWh of battery capacity. That will do an impressive range of 342 miles, but it’s the 260-mile-range model with a 58kWh battery that Mat’s putting to the test here. But could the stats be deceiving? Well, Mat’s putting this all-new EV to the test to see just how far he can go on a single charge! Not only that, but he’ll be sharing an all-new exclusive with you – finding out what happens when the battery’s fully depleted! Do you think the ID.3 could be a suitable replacement for the petrol-powered Golf? It’s time to find out!

VW ID.3 with a single charge
How far can go the VW ID.3 with a single charge

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