Italian designer redesigns the legendary Renault 5

An independent Italian designer is redesigning the Renault 5 where 50 years ago this model revolutionized motoring. The Italian designer Marco Maltese designed in a more improved form of the legendary Renault 5 but went one step further giving a more elegant look as well as the concept is purely electric. The Renault 5 surprised the world of motoring in 1970 with its rear door and plastic bumpers.

Renault Le 5 concept is its name and the codes probably refer to the latest Renault prototype where is the electric SUV Renault Megane eVision. Marco Maltese, in fact, has adapted to the proportions of the Renault 5, the bright mask and the open shield of the prototype presented in mid-October.

Italian designer Renault 5

Changes are also observed at the back where the Italian designer placed a full mosque at the back door, something we already find in the third generation Twingo. It also has a flat floating roof as well as a black frame on the windshield while the color choices are reminiscent of the Mini Cooper SE. Another feature strongly reminiscent of the Renault 5 is the rim design but with a strong futuristic element.

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Italian designer Renault 5

There is no longer any doubt that the future of motoring looks electric with several automakers having already introduced models in this category such as the Fiat 500 and Honda e. So Renault could perhaps put in its plans the revival of R5 in its purely electric version. This would ideally complement the Renault Zoe and enrich the class with another designally stylish vehicle featuring electrification.


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