Next.e.Go Mobile will produce electric cars in Greece

Germany’s Next.e.Go Mobile will invest 100 million euros to produce electric cars in Greece. A factory will be built in about two years while the investment will create 1,000 direct jobs and about 5,500 indirect jobs. The plant will be able to manufacture up to 30,000 electric vehicles a year while operating with domestic manpower.

Construction work will begin in spring 2021 and will take about 24 months to completion of the plant. Metal components will be produced, external thermoforming and final assembly of vehicles, as well as quality control.

The German company e.Go Mobile was founded in 2015 while since 2019 it sells fully electric cars in the German market. In the summer of 2020 e.Go Mobile declared bankruptcy and last September was acquired by the Dutch investment group ND Industrial BV, which renamed the company Next.E.Go Mobile.

Next.e.Go Mobile Greece

The company produces a model e.Go Life where it is a small city car with 4 seats and can be equipped with 3 battery packs. The e.Go Life 20 has a 14.9 kWh battery and a 27-horsepower electric motor, with a range of 121 km. Its starting price starts at 15,900 euros.

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The e.Go Life 40 has a 17.9 kWh battery with a 54-horsepower electric motor, and a range of 142 km. Its starting price starts at 17,400 euros. The e.Go Life 60 has a 23.9 kWh battery with a 109-horsepower electric motor, and a range of 184 km. Its top speed reaches 152 km/h while its starting price starts at 19,900 euros in Germany.

Next.e.Go Mobile Greece


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