First Tesla Superchargers have been installed in Athens, Greece

The first Tesla superchargers arrived in Greece, where the installation took place in the Golden Hall shopping centre located in Maroussi, Athens and can charge at a rate of 150 kW/h. So six Superchargers have been installed in the well-known shopping mall where there are also the relevant stripes where they delineate the parking space of drivers in possession of a Tesla vehicle.

The installation is almost ready, and we say almost because the Superchargers have not yet been activated but this is something where it will probably be done very soon. It should be remembered that since last November the first Tesla vehicles arrived in Greece and a few months ago the American company announced the official introduction of its vehicles in Greece.

Of course Tesla had announced at least 3 years before the plan to install fast chargers in Greece and today this is becoming a reality. Also in the coming months the network of Superchargers will be extended to three other major cities, Thessaloniki, Patras and Lamia.

Another superchargers station is expected to be installed in the main square of Athens in Omonia as you can see here.

First Tesla Superchargers have been installed in Athens

What makes Tesla’s fastchargers stand out is the simplicity of their use since all the owner of a Tesla car should do is simply plug the socket in the car.

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There is no need for any other procedure since for some Tesla models the charge is free, while in other models the owner pays the full charge on the next service since the car is linked to the account declared by the owner.
So far over 20,000 superchargers have been installed around the world while in Europe they are located in 589 locations.


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