FSD Beta 10 version : Watch Model 3 with latest update

The latest FSD Beta 10 version 2020.48.35.1 with OTA update became available recently where it contains even more improvements than the 2020.48.25 that came out at Christmas. BETA 10 includes new driving visualizations for Full Self-Driving and more.

In the video below you can see the latest FSD update in a test on the road. At first it seems to move exemplary although in the first STOP it took a while to turn and start after the driver pointed out that no one was coming from the left.

Also the Model 3’s response to the traffic lights was exemplary as well as the flash handling since FSD BETA warned other drivers when it would turn, quite early. But watch more details in the video below.

Description from YouTube channel James Locke :

First drive on the latest build of FSD Beta, Beta 10. Did well on my test loop 1, still having issues seeing the speed bumps soon enough but that will come with time and more data. Also experienced an interesting issue with lane selection but let it play out as was safe to do so and car corrected itself in time for an upcoming left turn. Overall see improvements with speed control, also noticing improved left turn decision making which will be on my next video.

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