Mercedes-Benz introduce MBUX Hyperscreen dashboard

Mercedes-Benz introduce MBUX Hyperscreen where it is a huge 56-inch screen where it is so large that it surrounds the whole dashboard from side to side. Forget the complex physical switches that exist in conventional cars (and not only) and get ready for an exciting future full of screens as envisioned by Mercedes-Benz.

All functions beyond future Mercedes will be performed through the huge touchscreen or as the German company MBUX Hyperscreen calls it. Applications, vehicle functions, cabin temperature control, navigator and entertainment are all available now through the screen, said Sajjad Khan, head of Mercedes-Benz’s technology department.

MBUX Hyperscreen essentially consists of three OLED monitors that are positioned in such a way that they look like one. Also the screen is very scratch resistant since Gorilla Glass technology takes care of it. Mercedes-Benz says that it is a very powerful computer system and that it will be extremely easy to use since there will be no complex use of sub-menus.

Artificial intelligence will also play an important role in the Mercedes-Benz MBUX Hyperscreen since through advanced algorithms it will be able to understand the needs of passengers. As mentioned above, the screen will have special protection from scratches but the glass will also offer reduced reflections.

The system is powered by an eight-core processor that works with 24GB of RAM and will be able to store up to eight different driver profiles so everyone can customize the desktop to their liking. Mercedes-Benz plans to install MBUX Hyperscreen in its future electric vehicles.


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