New Renault 5 concept revealed and is fully electric

The New Renault 5 concept shows us what the revival of the French manufacturer’s legendary R5 model will look like. in the photos you see an original version of the new model where with it Renault wants to continue the success left by the legendary model.

The new R5 will be purely electric and seeing the image of its prototype version, it is going to follow many of the design elements that the first generation R5 has. And this can be seen from the front of the car with the design of the headlights but also the rear that has a lot in common from its ancestor.

New Renault 5 concept

Renault plans to unveil a total of 7 pure electric vehicles by 2025 and the New Renault 5 concept will be one of them. In fact, rumors are that the Renault 4 will follow the same path, returning as an affordable electrical proposition to the production line.

The legendary Renault 5 debuted for the first time in January 1972, going on a very successful course until 1996 when it was replaced by the also successful Renault Clio.


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