New Toyota Prius 5th gen will be fully electric ?

The new Toyota Prius, which will be the fifth generation of the popular hybrid car, is expected to be unveiled very likely in 2021. The first generation of the Prius hybrid was released in 1997 and made a big impression on the automotive world with the pioneering technology of the hybrid system at the time.

Toyota will continue the evolution of the Prius where it is very likely that we will also see a purely electric version of the model. Today more and more automakers have in their range models that are electric plug-in hybrid. So according to some reports from Japan, Toyota has already started the evolution of the fifth generation of the Prius.

There is no date for the presentation of the model from the Japanese car industry, but these sources report on some features that the new Prius will have. As it sounds, the design of the new model will take a more aggressive approach while the platform will be an evolution of TNGA-C.

Of course, the biggest interest will be in the architecture of the engines that Next-Gen Prius wears. Local media from Japan say the new Prius will come in two versions. The first version will feature a sophisticated plug-in hybrid system while the second version will probably be purely electric.

evNT note :

Obviously Toyota doesn’t want to give up Hybrid technology anytime soon since it believes (perhaps correctly) that it still this has a lot of future. The success of the Toyota Prius hybrid was so great that in June 2013 it reached 3 million sales. The largest car markets are America and Japan and as early as 2000 it is available worldwide. In the photo you see an experimental Prius where Toyota from 2019 explores the benefits that solar panels can have on the car.


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